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Skye Thorn is a lower class high school senior whose future is fast approaching but still sees no way out of her small town. Pretending to be a psychic like her crazy mom by giving tarot card readings to people at school, while working part-time after school, has yet to earn her enough money to move away after graduation. She realizes she needs to take drastic measures if she is ever to get away. So, when she’s approached with a kidnapping scheme where all she needs to do to get half the ransom money is tell the police that she is having psychic ‘visions’ to help guide them along, she convinces herself it will be easy money. But when the plans go awry, Skye finds herself in more danger than she could have ever imagined. Unlike many books in the young adult genre, the protagonist is not presented as a morally perfect heroine ready to save the day, in fact, she’s not a heroine at all. Often jaded, she looks out for number one and makes no excuses for it, creating a deliciously intriguing character. Layered with mystery and suspense hidden amongst a plethora of secrets and lies, along with multiple plot twists, makes The Hanging Girl a deviously good dark and twisted YA psychological thriller full of surprises.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)