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Elle is a pediatric nurse who has grown up in a family consisting of just her mother and herself. Living with her mother’s mental illness has left Elle with an inexplicable dread, never quite knowing who her mother will be that day. Her world is tuned upside down when she finds out the grandfather she thought was dead is a patient at the hospital she works at. David Walker, an eighty-year-old-man riddled with cancer, is at death’s door, but still holding on. He has one last story to tell ─ a story full of pain and regret ─ to right the wrongs of years gone by. As David begins to share his unbelievable story with Elle, her mother insists it’s a complete fabrication. In a home whose foundation was built on secrets and lies, Elle finds herself unsure who to believe and begins to question her own sanity. Brilliantly drawn and nearly broken characters center this story, weaving a deeply heartbreaking tale full of unconditional love, agony and remorse. An often-distressing journey, this tear-jerker evokes the pain in living with severe mental illness, the difficult decisions involved and the casualties in its wake when life spins out of control. Nostalgic, heart-wrenching, full of tension and suspense with a multitude of twists and turns, The Forgotten Ones is an epically well-written read.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)