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Talk to us about your science-fiction book, SEEDS – The Journey Begins.

Let me first tell you what it is not. There are no aliens, worlds with bizarre names, or intergalactic wars. “SEEDS” takes place in current times, on Earth. Steven Hawking said we would have to leave the earth within the next 100 years. I use current technology and technology we’ll have in the next twenty years. “SEEDS” stands for Strategic Extra-Earth Development Site, which is a unique group of scientists who have decided not to save the world because it is far too damaged. They, instead, construct a ship to leave for Titan, Saturn’s moon. Two wealthy tech giants fund the program and use the genius of another tech giant to help launch the ship sooner than planned. The day the ship has already received 266 of the 300 colonists/scientists and is waiting for the remaining colonists, an unhinged President launches nuclear warheads at a small nation, which in turn causes all of the nations with nuclear warheads to get into the fight resulting in a nuclear holocaust on Earth. The ship is able to escape. The story continues explaining life on the ship during the journey, arriving at Titan, and building a colony. The second book in the trilogy will detail events that occur in the colony like discoveries made, creating a government and all things necessary to save humanity. In book three, there will be an expansion of the colony as the ship leaves to create another colony. The whole concept of “SEEDS” revolves around the question, “What if?” For example, “What if we had to leave now?” “SEEDS” brings a great deal of thought and debate about where we are today and the consequences of humanities failures. The story is wrapped around the survival of humanity by working together in a life and death arena. 

What prompted you to broaden your horizons from your normal writing style of crime and thrillers to writing a science fiction?

After many years of researching crimes, crime scenes, forensics, profiling, homicide detectives, and all that goes with being a crime fiction thriller writer, I have held off on my other passion, which is science. I read science books, magazines, and visit Internet sites dedicated to scientific discovery. I thought I would try writing science fiction/reality and see what happens. I’ve been very surprised and happy with the response. I plan to write one of each every year now. 

How did you find your writing style changed while writing science fiction versus a crime or thriller?

The most obvious thing is no one has to figure out who did it. The second thing I had to concentrate on was my new audience because I’m writing to Joe Layman, not science geeks. The technology has to be reasonable and understandable. “SEEDS” is a statement story. We ruined the planet. Everyone on the planet is frightened of each other. The leaders panic and wipe out humanity. The ship travels to a familiar world to try to start again. No one is murdered, or arrested. 

So, after all your research, do you think that we are getting close to building a ship to transport a large number of people to another planet?

Elon Mush will start the process early next year. He has the ships to take humans to Mars. 


Speaking of research, what did you find to be the most surprising truths regarding the technology our world currently possesses now?

You are only years away from Transhumans. What people don’t realize now is that their traditional employment is over. Artificial intelligence will do everything in the workplace. They are already talking about paying you a “guaranteed income”––to not work, sounds great until the third day of boredom. I was a commercial airline pilot for almost forty years. I flew small, medium, and large corporate and air carrier jet aircraft. The systems on board will land the plane in zero visibility weather, auto brake, and all the pilot has to do is taxi the plane to the gate. Pilots, over my career, have become obsolete. It will happen to every human soon. Coal and steel isn’t an occupation anymore. 


What is one made up technology from your book that you would love to see developed over the next decade or so and why?

I only used a limited amount of imagined technology because I wanted the story to feel real. The one that I did come up with was the placing of a spare heart into one of the crew to see if it would help in the new world. On the ship, there is a competition of sorts between the two-hearted human, the Robonauts/Transhumans, the cryogenic colonists, and the normal colonists. 


You spent two weeks with Ridley Scott in the Caribbean during a location scout. What is your most memorable moment or best story from that trip?

Sir Ridley, for all of his fame, fortune, and talent, made me feel like I was his best friend. He took the time to mentor my early writings. I still send him a copy of my latest books. The most memorable moment for both of us I believe was our first meeting. I flew a small corporate jet down to St. Kitts to pick up him up. I watched his crew run past me to get a good seat on the plane. They had a lot of baggage and equipment. As I stood waiting, here comes Ridley Scott around the corner and we meet for the first time. I really didn’t know how famous he was at the time, so I said to him, “I understand you are a very famous and talented director”.  He replied he had a few successes. As we walked toward the aircraft, I asked if he ever did dramas. He said of course, why? I said because with the amount of people you brought, the amount of baggage, the tall mountains surrounding the small airport with a short runway––it was going to be a very dramatic takeoff. He asked if he could sit in the cockpit. I said yes. We were best friends from then on. 


What can your fans expect next from you?

One new Jake Roberts Novel, “SEEDS: The Journey Continues” (book two), audiobooks of all of my work, and a YouTube channel for “SEEDS”. I’m also co-writing a script for a film my Indie crew wants to do called, “TOY BOX”. It’s about serial killer David Parker Ray. We plan to film in the summer.