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TopShelf Book Awards - Frequently Asked Questions

(Does Not Apply to the Book Cover Awards)



The following are additional questions that we have received from visitors that we feel may be helpful to you.



Is this contest a "vote to win" or a "based on merit" contest?
This contest is a "based on merit" contest. We have a panel of judges consisting of many industry experts––New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors, editors, beta readers, publishers, publicists, and more––who will be judging books based on the quality and style of writing, character and plot development, cover and book design, marketing, synopsis, etcetera. Due to the nature of this contest and the standing of TopShelf Magazine in the industry as a trusted literary trade journal, read by booksellers, librarians, and readers alike, the results of this competition are significant.





Is this worth entering? I have mixed feelings.



TopShelf Magazine is a well-respected trade journal with high acclaim in the industry. We go far beyond where other contests even dream of going, with regards to promoting your book and getting it in front of all the right people. Also, with our 50% early entry special going on during the month of October, this is the most affordable contest of its type. Plus, every entry gets promoted on our website and across our social media network. So, win or lose, you get far more than your money's worth.





How do your social media partners promote the books?



We have been amassing an army of social media partners who retweet and share our posts on a daily basis. Our Twitter posts alone get an average of a quarter of a million impressions a month, with tens-of-thousands of engagements. Facebook is a bit more challenging to track. However, we promote in over 50 of the top indie author and book groups with a total reach of over 250,000 group members. We get a LOT of visitors to our website from Facebook, so even without the best analytic data from them, we know it works. Also, our website currently gets about 50,000 visitors and over 250,000 page-views a month.





At what stage are the books read and by who?



The books are read by a panel of expert judges. Our judges include New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors, book and magazine editors, book publishers, Book Designers, and other industry professionals.




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TopShelf reserves the right to update the terms of this or any TopShelf contest without notice.
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