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For someone who loves books, there is no place more exciting than a well-designed bookstore. Shelves upon shelves of stories and characters yet to be discovered. So, how do you make it easier for customers to find these inspiring stories and characters? 

Here are some techniques – secrets” – that successful bookstores are currently implementing:


Employ Knowledgeable Employees

Provide training to employees regarding up and coming authors, local authors, and best sellers. This is helpful for a customer who comes into your store looking for a new bookbut isn’t familiar with titles or authors. After an employee asks a customer a few key questions that employee should be able to gather some books for them. It’s like having a personal shopper.


Place the Kids Section in the Back of the Store

This way parents will have to walk through the whole store and perhaps something else will catch their eye on the way.


Partner with Other Local Businesses

Host a local business event. Partner with the local bakery to sell their goods and offer coffee and tea to your customers. Have a bulletin board with advertisements of local businesses. Remind people that if you don’t support local businesses then your neighborhood could become something completely different in time.


Partner with Local Self-published Authors

Help them sell their books to the community. Have self-published authors come and do readings and book signings.


Don’t Put Bargain Books Right in Front of the Store

No one wants to see an often messy section of books and toys that nobody wants. The discounted section is often my favorite section of a store; however, I don’t enjoy seeing it the moment I walk through the door.


Use Shelf Talkers

Have you ever walked around a bookstore and gone outside your norm? How helpful would it be for you to come upon a handwritten note stating why the bookseller loved the book it's dangling beneath? Do you think it would be helpful to your customers to have a review dangling beneath local authors? Odds are your customers will at least pick the book up to see what all the fuss is about.


Cross-Market Books by the Same Author

If a popular author has a new book out, make sure to have copies of their older stuff on hand. This prevents customers from going to chain bookstores or online retailers.


Free WiFi

Customer’s love to wander aimlessly up and down the aisles, so why not give them a comfy chair and free WIFI? It will enable them to read reviews on their next book purchase.


Have a Cafe

It's a fact that a cafes bring people into your store. It's also a good idea to partner with a local bakery to provide a variety of pastries. Place big comfy chairs, several tables and make sure the area is well lit. This will enable customers to browse through books and magazines while sipping on coffee.


by Rebecca Katsikas