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About the TopShelf Flash Fiction Awards

A contest focused on helping authors perfect their skills, grow as writers, and gain perhaps a little inspiration. Flash fiction is a fantastic exercise in control, tight plotting, careful editing, laser-sharp focus, and packing a tremendous amount of power into as few words as possible. It is also a great way to practice writing book synopses, jacket copy, and elevator/sales pitches. Winners get their stories published in TopShelf Magazine and receive a cash prize! Each entry must be 250 to 1,000 words. Entries must be clean and appropriate for ages 13 and older. Winners are announced by email, on our website, within our magazine, and via social media.


Cost of Entry - 100% FREE!

Entry is restricted to Insider Members only and is 100% FREE!


$100 Cash Prize!

The winning author receives a $100 (USD) CASH PRIZE and has their story published in TopShelf Magazine!

TopShelf Award Badges & Contest Graphics

All Winners earn the right to display the TopShelf Flash Fiction Award badge on their blog, story cover image, book cover, website, marketing materials, etc. TopShelf reserves the right to disallow the use of TopShelf Award seals or graphics on any book other than the winning book or story, unless the winning book or story has been reprinted with a new cover or new materials that TopShelf finds inappropriate for their brand. TopShelf reserves the ULTIMATE right to deny the use of their brand, graphics, seals, and stickers for any use, on any book, in any case, forever.



This is a Members Only Competition!


TopShelf reserves the right to update the terms of this or any TopShelf contest without notice.
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