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About the TopShelf Editor's Choice Awards

There is no way to enter yourself into this competition. Our editors pick their favorite books from the books we officially review each month and then deliberate over which ones might deserve an award. The only way to have a chance of winning a TopShelf Editor’s Choice Award is to have your *publisher or publicist submit your book to us for review or to become a TopShelf PRO Insider Member and submit your book for review. There is never any guarantee that your book will be considered for this award, and we do not notify authors, informing them that their book is being considered. Notices go out only AFTER a winner has been chosen. That’s it! There is no way to enter your book in this contest or buy your way in or manipulate the outcome in any way whatsoever, making the TopShelf Editor’s Choice Award one of the most sought-after awards in the industry. Simply put, only the very, very best receive a TopShelf Editor’s Choice Award… PERIOD!

*Must be a registered and legally operating publisher or publicist; this cannot be yourself, a family member, a friend, or anyone else trying to help, or someone attempting to be a publisher or publicist as a side-job.


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