• The Entrant's book must have an ISBN and/or ASIN.
  • The Entrant's book must be written in English.
  • The Entrant cannot be related to or associated with TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC, it's affiliates, partners, sponsors, owners, or employees.
  • All information provided by the Entrant in their entry form is true and complete. Any misrepresentations or false information may result in the disqualification.
  • Self-published books, books published by independent presses, and books published by traditional publishers are all eligible to enter.
  • TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC, it's affiliates, partners, sponsors, owners, or employees holds no responsibility for incomplete or ineligible entries.
  • Entries containing unacceptable (in TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC, it's affiliates, partners, sponsors, owners, or employees' opinion), indecent, defamatory, or discriminatory language, pornographic or other unlawful content will not be considered.


  • The final entry deadline for the TopShelf Book Awards is May 31st, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. EST. The Entrant must complete the entry form and submit their book by the final entry deadline to be eligible for consideration in the current year's competition.
  • Entries received after the final entry deadline will automatically be entered into the subsequent TopShelf Book Awards Competition. Again, there are no refunds.


  • The regular entry fee for each category is $50.00 USD.
  • There is no refund on entry fees.
  • The Entrant must complete payment online.
  • TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC reserves the right to change the entry fee at any time without notice. Price changes will be reflected on the TopShelf Book Awards website and the TopShelf Book Awards entry form.
  • The Entrant's entry will be voided in the following scenarios: (1) Payment is not received by the final entry deadline, (2) Payment could not be processed, (3) If a discount is offered by the TopShelf Book Awards and the full amount of the discounted price has not been received.


  • All entries must be completed online through the TopShelf Book Awards website.
  • The TopShelf Book Awards accepts books through the online submission form at the time of entry in the following formats: .epub, .mobi, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .pages.
  • TopShelf does not assume any liability for any lost, damaged or stolen books, or marketing materials.
  • Only one copy of the Entrant's book must be submitted per entry, regardless of the number of categories entered.
  • All entries are final and there are no refunds. If an entry was made into an incorrect category the Entrant may contact TopShelf via their Contact Us page to recommend changing the category. In most cases (at the sole discretion of TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC, its affiliates, partners, sponsors, owners, or employees) we will make the recommended change.
  • No materials including but not limited to marketing materials and books will be returned to the Entrant.


  • The Entrant's books will be judged based on the following criteria: (1) Design and Layout, (2) Quality of writing, (3) Quality of the hook, (4) Quality of the synopsis, (5) Overall appeal of book to target audience and appropriateness within category entered.
  • TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC reserves the right to appoint all judges.
  • The judges will remain confidential unless TopShelf decides to release the names of the judges.
  • The decisions of the judges once tabulated are final. TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC bears no responsibility for the decision of the judges.
  • No feedback or personal comments will be offered by the judges to winners and finalists, unless they personally choose to do so.


  • TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC reserves the right to change, add, or modify any or all of the prize packages at anytime without notice.
  • The prize packages awarded are for the sole, exclusive use of the TopShelf Book Award Winners and Finalists and are non-transferable.
  • TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC at their sole discretion reserves the right to withhold or revoke the winner or finalist title from the Entrant should they fail to abide by the rules and regulations set forth herein.
  • The value of the prize will be provided in USD. TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC will not conduct any currency conversions in cases where cash may be involved.

Use of Info

  • Should the Entrant be named a "Winner" and/or "Finalist" of the TopShelf Book Awards or any of the TopShelf Award Competitions, TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC reserves the right to use the following information from the Entrant on the TopShelf Website, TopShelf social media pages and/or TopShelf Marketing Materials: Author's Full Name (or pen-name), Author Photo, Author and/or Publisher E-mail, Author Bio, Book Title, Book Cover Image, Book Synopsis, ISBN, ASIN, Publisher Name, Publication Date, Links to the Author's Website, and Links to the Author's Social Media Pages etc.

Use of Seals

  • Use of the TopShelf Book Awards seal without a proper license or without written consent from TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC is not permitted and will result in the winner or finalist title being revoked from the Entrant.


  • TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC at their sole discretion retains the right to alter, change, or modify any of the rules and regulations for this or any one of their award competitions. The foregoing rules and regulations are subject to change without notice by TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC.
  • TopShelf Authors & Books, LLC reserves the right to refuse any Entrant in its sole discretion.
  • By entering this competition each Entrant agrees to be bound by these rules and regulations.