After nearly twenty-five years in the publishing industry and six-years publishing TopShelf Magazine, and after battling Covid-19 and the aftermath of the pandemic – both on our personal health and the health of our tiny family business – my wife and I have made the extremely hard decision to close the doors after the 2022 season. The independent publishing market has always struggled, but never greater than over the last couple of years and it has hit authors extremely hard. No longer can authors afford adverting – most cannot even afford a contest. We understand, and we feel for you all. We have made every attempt to restructure our business to the changing landscape. Closing was never even an option in our minds. However, after several attempts and countless sleepless nights, and after many months of health-issues and insurmountable debt, we have come to a very sad, yet somehow inevitable end. We will be publishing the 2021 Holiday issue in time for Christmas with all the winners and finalists from our final 2021-2022 season contest. Then 2022 will see four final issues of TopShelf. We wish all of the friends we have made throughout the years the very best wishes for their futures. And to our many, many readers. We truly love you all.

~Keith & Rebecca